Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin Faucets

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin Faucets
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin Faucets

I have tested a hundred of faucets to get free bitcoins, but the most of it were unhandy and slow.

In my list there are only the best faucets, because they are fast to navigate and the earnings are high.



To use the faucets you have to register on these two micro-wallets sites:

Both micro-wallets supports different faucets, so I recommend to use both. But of course you can start with one of them.


Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin, Dogecoin Faucets

CoinPot faucets = use your email address

FaucetHub faucets = use your deposit address generated in your account


These faucets will increase the coins all the time. I recommend to claim every 15 minutes, because otherwise it increases slower:


These faucets you can claim every 5 minutes (per Smartphone, too):

  • Bitcoin BTC – BTCsmile (Withdraw to Faucethub per click)
  • Bitcoin BTC – GoBits (Withdraw to FaucetHub)
  • Bitcoin BTC – ClaimBits (Withdraw to FaucetHub)
  • Bitcoin BTC – StarBits (Withdraw to FaucetHub, ca. 22 Satoshi)
  • Bitcoin BTC – Fautsy (Withdraw to FaucetHub)
  • Bitcoin BTC – DayuzArce (Withdraw to FaucetHub)
  • Bitcoin cash BCH – DayuzArce (Withdraw to FaucetHub)
  • Ethereum ETH – Ether win (Withdraw to FaucetHub)
  • Ethereum ETH – Hotcoins (Withdraw to FaucetHub)
  • Ethereum ETH – FreeBitcoin (Withdraw to FaucetHub)
  • Litecoin LTC – DayuzArce (Withdraw to FaucetHub)
  • Litcoin LTC – PentaFaucet (Withdraw to FaucetHub, 1000 to 2000 Litoshi)
  • Dogecoin – DayuzArce (Withdraw to FaucetHub)
  • Dogecoin – PentaFaucet (Withdraw to FaucetHub)
  • Blackcoin – DayuzArce (Withdraw to FaucetHub)


These faucets you can claim every 15 minutes:

  • Bitcoin BTC – Bonus Bitcoin (Withdraw to CoinPot) (enter “Change your Claim Settings” and check “average” option, ca. 78 Satoshi, add 5% bonus every night)
  • Dogecoin – CoinMine (Withdraw to FaucetHub)
  • Bitcoin cash BTC – CoinMine (Withdraw to FaucetHub)
  • Ethereum ETH – LuckyBits (Withdraw to FaucetHub)
  • Ethereum ETH – MultiHub (Withdraw to FaucetHub)


Claim as fast as you can:


Earn free bitcoin fast and easy with the micro-wallet

Earn free bitcoin fast and easy
Earn free bitcoin fast and easy

Earn free bitcoin fast and easy…

A micro-wallet, such as coinpot, collects all micro payments made by faucets or other paying sites. After reaching a specific amount of coins a withdraw to your wallet is possible.

Coinpot is one of my favourite micro-wallets, because the withdraw is free for low amounts.

This example is what i claim every 15 minutes by solving only 4 captchas:

2017-09-18 10:30

Bitcoins: 92 + 48 + 33 = 173 Satoshi (+ 5% nightly bonus)
Litecoins: 830 Litoshi
Dogecoins: 0,6 Dogecoin


what to do…

First you have to create an account at (for free).

Now you can access the following faucets sites using the same email address:

At BitFun and the Moon faucets the coin amount increases all the time, but i recommend to claim every 15 minutes because it gets slower.

The best: You earn coins during your sleep, because of the increasing amount!

At Bonus Bitcoin it is very important to enter “Change your claim settings”. There you should activate the option “average”. This will garantee you a claim of 92 Satoshis (exchange rate 2017-09-18 10:30Uhr).

You will get an additional 5% bonus from Bonus Bitcoin every night!

Your collected coins will be send directly to you CoinPot account.